Sunday, 18 November 2012

Watch Get Carter (2000) Online DVD Quality

Watch Get Carter (2000) full movie online now with DVD quality. The movie 'Get Carter (2000)' is about Years ago, Jack Carter left his Seattle home to become a Las Vegas mob casino financial enforcer. He returns for the funeral of his brother Richard 'Richie' after a car crash during a storm, atypical of the careful house-father. Talking to the widow, daughter Doreen and enigmatic Geraldine, Jack suspects it was murder. Cliff Brumby, whose club Richie ran, is financially linked to porn and prostitution baron Cyrus Paice, who claims to be just a front-man for ITC tycoon Jeremy Kinnear. Someone hired goon Thorpey to make Jack return to Las Vegas. There Jack's partner Les Fletcher is restless, apparently about their boss Con McCarty whose wife had an affair with Jack. Someone breaks into Richie's home, looking for a crucial CD.. Get Carter is a 1971 British crime film directed by Mike Hodges and starring Michael Caine, Ian Hendry, Britt Ekland, John Osborne and Bryan Mosley. The screenplay was adapted by Hodges from Ted Lewis' 1969 novel Jack's Return Home. Producer Michael Klinger optioned the book and made a deal for the struggling MGM to finance and release the film, bringing in Hodges and Caine. Get Carter was Hodges' first feature film as director. The production went from novel to finished film in eight months, with location shooting in Newcastle and Gateshead lasting 40 days. Get Carter was also Alun Armstrong's screen debut. The story follows a London gangster, the titular Jack Carter played by Caine, who travels to northern England to discover more about the events surrounding the supposedly accidental death of his brother. Suspecting foul play, he investigates and interrogates, getting a feel for the city and its hardened criminal element; with vengeance on his mind the situation builds to a violent conclusion.[6]. Movie's year of release is 2000 and was directed by Stephen T. Kay,Stephen Kay. Very enjoyable crime movie , love it!

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  • Cast: Sylvester Stallone,Miranda Richardson,Rachael Leigh Cook,Alan Cumming,Mickey Rourke
  • Director: Sylvester Stallone,Miranda Richardson,Rachael Leigh Cook,Alan Cumming,Mickey Rourke
  • Genre: Action|Crime|Drama|Thriller
  • Runtime: 102

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