Monday, 19 November 2012

Watch The Human Jungle (1954) Online DVD Quality

Watch The Human Jungle (1954) full movie online HD with DVD quality. The movie 'The Human Jungle (1954)' is about Danforth is assigned to take over the police department in a section of a large city saddled with juvenile delinquency, petty crimes, graft and also a recent unsolved murder of a strip-tease dancer. Recognizing the laxity of the department he implements many changes and soon finds himself under fire by the newspapers, the attorney of a racket leader and the denizens of this human jungle. He calls this a cop's war that is the same as a soldier's war with the difference being that people hate cops. His cause isn't helped when a rookie policeman accidentally kills an innocent bystander. And he has to protect police informer Mary Abbott from Swados, a killer in the hire of the man behind the petty mobsters.. Chubby Johnson (August 13, 1903 – October 31, 1974) was an American movie and television supporting character actor with a genial demeanor and warm country-accented voice perfect for westerns. A native of Terre Haute, Indiana, Charles "Chubby" Johnson made more than eighty screen appearances between 1946 and 1972, including eight roles in the television series Maverick between 1957 and 1961, often as a comical stagecoach driver or deputy.. Movie's year of release is 1954 and was directed by Joseph M. Newman. Very enjoyable crime movie , love it!

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  • Cast: Gary Merrill,Jan Sterling,Paula Raymond,Emile G. Meyer,Regis Toomey
  • Director: Gary Merrill,Jan Sterling,Paula Raymond,Emile G. Meyer,Regis Toomey
  • Genre: Crime
  • Runtime: 82

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