Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Watch Jo-seon Myeong-tam-jeong (2011) Online DVD Quality

Watch Jo-seon Myeong-tam-jeong (2011) full movie online HD with DVD quality. The movie 'Jo-seon Myeong-tam-jeong (2011)' is about "Detective K" tells about the adventures of Joseon's top detective (Kim Myeong-min) as he investigates, as ordered by the King, a series of mysterious murders plaguing the country. During his secret mission, he meets Han Seo Pil (Oh Dal-soo) who eventually becomes his sidekick, and Han Gaek Ju (Han Ji-min), an influential business woman who is a key figure in the case. As they dig deeper into the mystery, they uncover disturbing secrets that link the murders to a massive conspiracy that will shake the whole nation of Joseon.. . Movie's year of release is 2011 and was directed by Seok-yun Kim. Very enjoyable crime movie , love it!

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  • Cast: Myeong-min Kim,Dal-su Oh,Han Ji-min,Jae-yong Lee,Hyeon Woo
  • Director: Myeong-min Kim,Dal-su Oh,Han Ji-min,Jae-yong Lee,Hyeon Woo
  • Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime | History | Mystery
  • Runtime: 115

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