Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Watch Point Blank (1967) Online DVD Quality

Watch Point Blank (1967) full movie online free with DVD quality. The movie 'Point Blank (1967)' is about Based on the theme of the individual pitted against the large, impersonal organization. Here the central character is an old-fashioned loner of a gunman embroiled with a large-scale, corporate criminal operation behind a respectable-looking 'front'. Without delving into psychology or motivation, the film places emphasis on action and surface appearances, superbly capturing the glossy, depersonalized feel of a 1967 Los Angeles--a nightmare landscape of concrete, glass and coiling freeways.. . Movie's year of release is 1967 and was directed by John Boorman. Very enjoyable crime movie , love it!

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  • Cast: Lee Marvin,Angie Dickinson,Keenan Wynn,Carroll O'Connor,John Vernon
  • Director: Lee Marvin,Angie Dickinson,Keenan Wynn,Carroll O'Connor,John Vernon
  • Genre: Crime|Drama|Thriller
  • Runtime: 92

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