Friday, 9 November 2012

Watch The Replacement Killers (1998) Online DVD Quality

Watch The Replacement Killers (1998) full movie online now with DVD quality. The movie 'The Replacement Killers (1998)' is about John Lee is the best hitman money can buy. But when John refuses to kill because of the seven year-old son of his target, John's bosses send someone after John to kill him and then take his place in the ring of hitmen. John then teams up with Meg Coburn to help him escape these "Replacement Killers.". The Replacement Killers is a 1998 American action film, directed by Antoine Fuqua in his directorial debut. It stars Chow Yun-fat and Mira Sorvino. The film was Chow's American debut, but not his first shot on American soil; he previously appeared in John Woo's A Better Tomorrow 2, which was filmed partially in New York.. Movie's year of release is 1998 and was directed by Antoine Fuqua. Very enjoyable crime movie , love it!

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  • Cast: Yun-Fat Chow,Mira Sorvino,Michael Rooker,Jurgen Prochnow,Kenneth Tsang
  • Director: Yun-Fat Chow,Mira Sorvino,Michael Rooker,Jurgen Prochnow,Kenneth Tsang
  • Genre: Action|Crime|Drama|Thriller
  • Runtime: 87

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