Friday, 25 January 2013

Watch Frozen River (2008) Online DVD Quality

Watch Frozen River (2008) full movie online now with DVD quality. The movie 'Frozen River (2008)' is about Takes place in the days before Christmas near a little-known border crossing on the Mohawk reservation between New York State and Quebec. Here, the lure of fast money from smuggling presents a daily challenge to single moms who would otherwise be earning minimum wage. Two women - one white, one Mohawk, both single mothers faced with desperate circumstances - are drawn into the world of border smuggling across the frozen water of the St. Lawrence River. Ray and Lila - and a New York State Trooper as opponent in an evolving cat-and-mouse game.. Frozen River is a 2008 American drama film written and directed by Courtney Hunt. The screenplay focuses on two working-class women who smuggle illegal immigrants in the trunk of a car from Canada to the United States in order to make ends meet. It received two Academy Award nominations: Best Actress (Melissa Leo) and Best Original Screenplay (Courtney Hunt).. Movie's year of release is 2008 and was directed by Courtney Hunt. Very enjoyable crime movie , love it!

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  • Cast: Melissa Leo,Misty Upham,Charlie McDermott,Michael O'Keefe,Mark Boone Jr.
  • Director: Melissa Leo,Misty Upham,Charlie McDermott,Michael O'Keefe,Mark Boone Jr.
  • Genre: Crime|Drama
  • Runtime: 97

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