Sunday, 27 January 2013

Watch On the Waterfront (1954) Online DVD Quality

Watch On the Waterfront (1954) full movie online free with DVD quality. The movie 'On the Waterfront (1954)' is about Terry Malloy dreams about being a prize fighter, while tending his pigeons and running errands at the docks for Johnny Friendly, the corrupt boss of the dockers union. Terry witnesses a murder by two of Johnny's thugs, and later meets the dead man's sister and feels responsible for his death. She introduces him to Father Barry, who tries to force him to provide information for the courts that will smash the dock racketeers.. On the Waterfront is a 1954 American drama film about union violence and corruption among longshoremen. The film was directed by Elia Kazan and written by Budd Schulberg. It stars Marlon Brando, Rod Steiger, Eva Marie Saint, Lee J. Cobb and Karl Malden. The soundtrack score was composed by Leonard Bernstein. It is based on a series of articles written in the New York Sun by Malcolm Johnson.. Movie's year of release is 1954 and was directed by Elia Kazan. Very enjoyable crime movie , love it!

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  • Cast: Marlon Brando,Karl Malden,Lee J Cobb,Rod Steiger,Pat Henning
  • Director: Marlon Brando,Karl Malden,Lee J Cobb,Rod Steiger,Pat Henning
  • Genre: Crime|Drama|Romance
  • Runtime: 108

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