Monday, 21 January 2013

Watch Radio tekee murron (1951) Online DVD Quality

Watch Radio tekee murron (1951) full movie online HD with DVD quality. The movie 'Radio tekee murron (1951)' is about Eager young radio reporter Teräsvuori stages a one-man burglary into the Helsinki Art Museum, recorded on tape for a later broadcast by his friend Laakso. Things go awry when a gang of real criminals overhear their plans and book their heist to coincide. Teräsvuori gets caught but escapes from police custody to start his private investigations together with female radio colleague Eila.. Radio tekee muron is a Finnish cookbook written by various employees of the Finnish Yleisradio broadcasting company. The name, meaning "The radio makes a grain of cereal", is a parody of "Radio tekee murron", a 1951 Finnish film directed by Matti Kassila, meaning "The radio commits a burglary".. Movie's year of release is 1951 and was directed by Matti Kassila. Very enjoyable crime movie , love it!

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  • Cast: Hannes Hayrinen,Ritva Arvelo,Kullervo Kalske,Kunto Karapaa,Heikki Savolainen
  • Director: Hannes Hayrinen,Ritva Arvelo,Kullervo Kalske,Kunto Karapaa,Heikki Savolainen
  • Genre: Comedy|Crime
  • Runtime: 91

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