Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Watch Swiri (1999) Online DVD Quality

Watch Swiri (1999) full movie online HD with DVD quality. The movie 'Swiri (1999)' is about North Korea's 8th Special Forces hijacks a shipment of CTX, a potent new liquid explosive, and threatens South Korea as part of a plot to re-unify the two countries.Ryu and Lee, special agents of O.P., South Korea's secret intelligence service, attempt to track down the terrorists and find the CTX. Meanwhile Hee, the 8th's ultra-bad female sniper, resurfaces to wreak havoc and haunt Ryu.. Coreoleuciscus splendidus of the monotypic genus Coreoleuciscus, also known as the Swiri or Korean Splendid Dace, is a species of fish from the cyprinid family endemic to rivers of the Korean peninsula.[1][2][3] It was first scientifically described by Tamezo Mori in 1935, who noted in 1936 that it could be found spawning in Gyeongsangbuk-do's Uljin County; a 1939 study also found it in the Geum and Seomjin rivers. A South Korean survey conducted between April 1966 and November 1989 of 4909 sites south of the Korean Demilitarized Zone found it in 659 sites; it was not seen to appear in the Yeongsan, Sapgyo, or Anseong rivers.[4] It typically spawns between the beginning of May and the middle of June.[5]. Movie's year of release is 1999 and was directed by Je-gyu Kang. Very enjoyable crime movie , love it!

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  • Cast: Suk-kyu Han,Choe Min-sik,Song Kang-ho,Yunjin Kim
  • Director: Suk-kyu Han,Choe Min-sik,Song Kang-ho,Yunjin Kim
  • Genre: Action|Crime|Drama|Mystery|Romance|Thriller
  • Runtime: 125

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