Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Watch White Mischief (1988) Online DVD Quality

Watch White Mischief (1988) full movie online now with DVD quality. The movie 'White Mischief (1988)' is about A millionaire past his prime and his young wife arrive in Kenya circa 1940 to find that the other affluent British expatriates are living large as the homefront gears up for war. They are busy swapping partners, doing drugs, and attending lavish parties and horse races. She begins a torrid affair with one of the bon vivants, and her husband finds out and confronts them. The husband and wife decide to break up peacefully, but the bon vivant is murdered and all the evidence points to the husband.. White Mischief is a 1987 film dramatising the events of the Happy Valley murder case in Kenya in 1941, when Sir Henry "Jock" Delves Broughton was tried for the murder of Josslyn Hay, Earl of Erroll.. Movie's year of release is 1988 and was directed by Michael Radford. Very enjoyable crime movie , love it!

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  • Cast: Greta Scacchi,Charles Dance,Sarah Miles,Joss Ackland,John Hurt
  • Director: Greta Scacchi,Charles Dance,Sarah Miles,Joss Ackland,John Hurt
  • Genre: Crime|Drama|Romance|Thriller
  • Runtime: 108

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