Friday, 1 February 2013

Watch El infierno (2010) Online DVD Quality

Watch El infierno (2010) full movie online free with DVD quality. The movie 'El infierno (2010)' is about Benjamin Garcia, Benny, is deported from the United States. Back home and against a bleak picture, Benny gets involved in the narco business, in which has for the first time in his life, an spectacular rise surrounded by money, women, violence and fun. But very soon he'll discovers that criminal life does not always keeps his promises. Epic black comedy about the world of Mafia and organized crime, HELL helps us to understand what everybody is asking: What is happening in Mexico today?. Infierno en el Ring (2010) (Spanish for "Inferno in the ring") was a professional wrestling supercard produced by Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL), which took place on June 18, 2010 in Arena Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico. Previous year's Infierno en el Ring events have been held on Fridays, replacing CMLL's regularly scheduled Super Viernes show, but in 2010 the event was held on Sunday night instead. The 2010 Infierno en el Ring is the third show under that name and the 13th time CMLL have promoted an Infierno en el Ring cage match.. Movie's year of release is 2010 and was directed by Luis Estrada. Very enjoyable crime movie , love it!

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  • Cast: Damian Alcazar,Ernesto Gomez Cruz,Daniel Gimenez Cacho,Joaquin Cosio,Maria Rojo
  • Director: Damian Alcazar,Ernesto Gomez Cruz,Daniel Gimenez Cacho,Joaquin Cosio,Maria Rojo
  • Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama
  • Runtime: 143

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