Thursday, 14 February 2013

Watch Maniac (1963) Online DVD Quality

Watch Maniac (1963) full movie online free with DVD quality. The movie 'Maniac (1963)' is about Kerwin Matthews, playing a dissolute drifter down on his luck, is stranded in a cheap bar in France where he falls for Annette, the pretty daughter of the proprietor, played by Nadia Gray. Nadia Gray gradually shifts the young man's attentions to herself, rather than her daughter, and together Matthews and Gray concoct a plot to help Gray's estranged husband, now a homicidal maniac confined in an institution after a grisly series of killings dubbed "The Acetylene Murders" by the press, out of the mental institution so he can escape from the country.. Maniac (from Greek ????????, maniakos) may refer to:. Movie's year of release is 1963 and was directed by Michael Carreras. Very enjoyable crime movie , love it!

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  • Cast: Kerwin Mathews,Nadia Gray,Donald Houston,Liliane Brousse,George Pastell
  • Director: Kerwin Mathews,Nadia Gray,Donald Houston,Liliane Brousse,George Pastell
  • Genre: Crime|Horror|Mystery|Romance|Thriller
  • Runtime: 86

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